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DC horse ranch we are always looking for horses or ponies that need to find a new home. We like to retrain our horses and get them a new home. If you know anyone that can no longer care for or need there horse or pony please have them contact us. DC horse ranch has a goal to save as many good horses from the slaughter as possible. Our Horses sell with a written guarantee of satisfaction. 217-306-5478




If you don't see a horse or Pony on here give us call we will find what you are looking for call:


Please call us before you take them to an auction and spend more on them and not sure what there future is let me try to find them a new home..... 217-306-5478

This Pony ( Sadie) is one of our success stories she was headed to a slaughterhouse in Mexico I bought her and now she takes my children to get treats at the local Grocery store .

Looking for a horse broke or just tuned up for Spring call Dalton Cave at 217-741-0055